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Over 75% of colleges no longer require submission of SAT/ACT scores for admission. Has this been the expected boon for students? Has it led to increased diversity and equity? Dr. Linda Hirsch of The City University of New York invited me to speak about a test-optional admissions process and its unexpected implications for students and colleges. If you still think TO has been a net boon for students or society, watch this video!

Considering how many changes and questions the college admissions process holds for the high school graduating class of 2022, there is tremendous benefit to checking in on a regular basis to assess facts and dispel rumors. To that end, it was my great pleasure to join Eric Domroes and Karina Anderson from the Mendon HS Counseling Department for an interactive discussion with district 11th graders and parents about the current state of college testing admissions. What will you learn in this video? How are colleges considering test scores for the HS class of 2022? What does test optional really mean and who do these policies benefit? How does selectivity influence the necessity of test scores? What are the most recent changes to the SAT and ACT? How can a student determine which test to take? When should students plan to take the SAT and/or ACT? When and how should students…

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NextStepU has been running a terrifically informative series of short video interviews called 5 Minutes to College. David Mammano, the CEO/Founder of NextStepU, has spent 5 minutes at a time with admissions consultants, career experts, and college sports pros. At last, he’s turned the camera on an expert in test preparation: yours truly!     David and I discuss the following essential points in this video, which you are sure to find informative and possibly even witty: Whether the SAT & ACT are here to stay How the ACT differs from the SAT What 5 steps a student should take to prep for the tests When should a high schooler prepare As you imagine, we needed a little more than 5 minutes to cover these topics, but spare just a little more than 7 minutes, and you’ll learn a lot!