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If you’re shocked at how focused American students are on attending college, don’t worry: they’re not alone. Teens from all over the world aspire to attend U.S. colleges, which means they usually have to take the SAT or ACT. No wonder these tests are administered across the globe from the Åland Islands to Zimbabwe. Unfortunately for many, the SAT and ACT are administered in only one language; students for whom English is a foreign language must often prove their proficiency through an additional test. The TOEFL is typically mandatory for teens planning to study at American higher education institutions. Most take the TOEFL iBT or Internet-based Test, which is offered in most of the world and accepted by nearly every U.S. university and scholarship program. College-bound students may feel overwhelmed by the thought of adding an additional high stakes test to an already overburdened application process, but just as a…

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