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Big tests, like other big moments in our lives, demand our best, which can be difficult to find when we are overheated and drenched in sweat. Such a conclusion seems obvious, but apart from some amateur studies, not enough research has been done on the relationship between temperature and test scores. In the workplace, performance finds its sweet spot between 69.8° and 71.6°F. Does the same apply in school? According to Jisung Park at Harvard University, heat stress on exam days reduces test scores and educational attainment by economically significant magnitudes. An analysis of data from New York City public schools from 1998-2011 revealed some powerful observations: 1. Heat stress during exams reduces student performance. Students who took Regents exams on a 90˚F day earned consistently lower scores than students who tested on cooler days, leading to a 10.5% lower likelihood of passing any given subject. 2. Heat exposure during…

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