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As high schoolers become immersed in the harrowing process of improving their SAT and ACT scores, parents often are full of questions and concerns.  One specific question many parents have is simply this: how can I, as a parent, help my child achieve success on the SAT and ACT? As a parent, you might sometimes feel helpless.  Ultimately, your child has to be the one to work hard and put many hours of concentration into the test prep process.  You can, however, have a significant impact on how successful your child is.  One important way parents can help our students succeed is to stay positive and offer supportive commentary about your child’s progress. BE PATIENT During Chariot Learning’s test prep process, we work on many things simultaneously: teaching your child math, grammar, or vocabulary information he or she might not know or remember, training your child to put specific strategies into action on the test sections, spot-treating areas…

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