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Mid-July may be slow when it comes to professional sports, but interpreting national, state, and local SAT scores has become something of a sport in its own right. Around here, we’re poring over the Rochester Business Journal Schools Report Card, trying to make sense of what all these numbers mean. Are you wondering the same thing? One a granular level, score averages probably don’t mean as much as you think… just because your teen goes to a school with high average SAT scores doesn’t guarantee that her scores are impressing colleges. Fortunately, the inverse applies as well. But understanding some of the benchmarks provides context for individual score goals and achievements. A superficial review of national and state averages might have some New Yorkers running to their realtors for out-of-state listings: 2013 National Averages SAT Reading: 496 SAT Math: 514 SAT Writing: 488 2013 New York State Averages SAT Reading:…

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