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Everyone seems into life hacks these days. When looking at college admissions, test prep has always been one of the best ways to hack the system. But the same innate gamesmanship that allows someone to see the dramatic impact of improving scores also breeds an instinct to further optimize that process. Such a person might question what the rest of the world takes for granted. For example, is a perfect SAT or ACT score really the best score for admissions purposes? On Quora, someone asked the question, “What is the most ridiculous thing a top student has ever said to you?” Kay Aull, an insightful MIT grad, shared his memory of this truly ridiculous rumor: In high school, there was a rumor going around that it was better to get a 1590 on the SATs, rather than the full 1600, for college admissions. The theory was, someone with a 1590…

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