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The road to college is often a stressful time, and it is no different for Millennials who are about to embark on the journey. Howe and Strauss (2003) defined seven character traits of this generation and how these traits factor into the college admissions process. The traits of the Millennial cohort include the following: Feeling special Being sheltered Having great confidence Being team-oriented Holding conventional and traditional beliefs Feeling great pressure Attaining high-achievement Combine all these traits together and it becomes a formula for an incredibly stressful college planning time. According to Howe and Strauss (2003), Millennials are different from Boomers or Generation X-ers in that they feel that “their problems are the nation’s problems, that their future is the country’s future” (p. 2). This is a responsibility that Millennials take on with great pride, but feeling weight of an entire country’s future is a heavy burden to bear! Millennials…

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