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The SAT & ACT test tons of math terms, concepts, and formulas learned over the full span of a K-12 education. Flashcards represent one of the best ways to organize and memorize such a diverse body of knowledge, and the process of physically making these flashcards is an irreplaceable step in the learning and encoding process. Join us for a lightning round of math flashcard production. Index cards are not included, so make sure you have a stack ready along with your favorite writing implements!   The fee for this one-hour online seminar is $30.   Advance registration is required. Register through our Student Information Form and specify Math Flashcards. We will reply to registrants by email with the invitation to this Zoom seminar.   ABOUT YOUR TEACHER: Kaeti Stoss combines her interest in science with her passion for education. When not teaching students, she helps develop Chariot Learning’s research-based…

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