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Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Amidst the usual university rankings and discussion of the rising cost of a college education in the United States comes some fascinating news out of, believe it or not, Germany: all public universities in the Deutschland are now tuition free. Exciting, right? But before you pack your teen’s bags with the latest language learning software, consider some of the specifics of this new policy and German higher education. Slate offers a comprehensive explanation, from which we’ve distilled a few important points: 1. YES… this free tuition policy applies even to international students. 2. NO… the German college experience is not like the U.S. college experience. 3. MAYBE… students with the requisite independence and fluency may find this opportunity the path to a low-cost, high-quality college education. What do you think? Can you see your son or daughter attending college in Germany?

Recently, Money Magazine identified Money’s Best Colleges based on the idea of Return on Investment: To find out which of the nation’s roughly 1,500 four-year colleges offer the most bang for your tuition buck, MONEY screened out those with a below-average graduation rate and then ranked the 665 that remained on 18 factors in three categories: educational quality, affordability, and alumni earnings… Congratulations, Babson! Money used Payscale.com data, which assembled its own rankings. Congratulations, Harvey Mudd! But is ROI even a meaningful question when considering colleges? I ask the question not because I have an answer, but rather because anyone engaged in the college admissions process should have a clear idea of what they are shopping for. Consultant Parke Muth addresses the issue by analyzing various trends that impact higher education. If you’re grappling with the question of how to evaluate different college choices, you might be interested in this sweeping…

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