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The pursuit of higher education is a noble endeavor, yet it often comes with the heavy burden of financial debt. However, with strategic planning and smart decisions, it’s entirely possible to minimize or even bypass the need for student loans. This guest article from Laura Pearson, co-creator of Edutude. delves into a series of actionable strategies designed to empower students to manage their finances effectively. Through Edutude, Laura strives to find unique, creative ways for parents and educators to encourage students to be challenged, motivated and excited by learning. In addition to her work with Edutude, Pearson is an advocate for children’s rights and education. Leveraging Academic Resources for Success One of the most underutilized treasures of higher education is the plethora of academic support services available to students. Universities offer various resources, including free tutoring and workshops, aimed at enhancing student performance. By taking advantage of these resources, students…

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