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The 2022-23 school year only started a couple of months ago, but we’ve already learned an important lesson: high schoolers are busier than ever. No wonder enrollment in our remote expert SAT/ACT tutoring has skyrocketed while in-person class attendance has fallen off a cliff. We haven’t given up on classes, though, since group instruction is ideal for so many students. Introducing our all-new SAT-ACT Cohort Classes! Are you looking for the personal attention and convenience of online tutoring without paying 1-1 rates? We’ve all experienced the many ways large classes don’t work in a remote environment. Small-group instruction, however, works much more like tutoring, which is why our SAT-ACT Cohort Classes bring you the best of both worlds. Find the test date and schedule that works for you, and join just a few more students working towards the same goals. SAT & ACT Cohort Classes bring 4-6 students together online…

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