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When we think of tortured artists, we usually imagine dark souls wracked by anguish, insanity, and broken hearts. But test anxiety? Actually, Alex Mika doesn’t seem tortured at all. Nonetheless, something powerful moved him to pen a song about the test that inspires anguish and insanity in teens all across the country. Alex’s new work is simply titled “SAT.” Why did this junior from Bristol Eastern High School in Connecticut serenade a standardized test? In his own words: “Spring: a time of the earth’s rebirth, flowers, the singing of the birds… and then there’s the SAT. This piece was written on the eve of my entry into my junior year of high school as the daunting thought that I will soon have to take this exam began to cast its shadow over me.” According to the Harford Courant, Mika spent nine months putting his anxiety about the notorious standardized test…

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