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As a professional test prep tutor, reviewing all the official materials from the publishers of the ACT and the SAT is a critical part of my job. I was excited to review the newly released book, The Official Beginner’s Guide for the ACT 2020-2021, from Wiley the publishers of the ACT. Unfortunately, this book is not worth the price for either students new to the ACT or veteran test takers. The Beginner’s Guide provides a condensed version of the ACT format description and general test-taking tips contained in The Official Guide to the ACT. It lacks in-depth information about each section and example problems that the previously published book contains. The Beginner’s Guide does provide an additional full-length ACT practice test (April 2018) not available in The Official Guide and makes this practice test available in an online format via a code when you register on their website. To be…

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In a universe of seemingly endless prep resources, how can anyone hope to find the best SAT & ACT books? Ask the experts… that’s what I did! Whether you are a parent providing some inspiration for your teen, a high schooler focused enough to self-prep for the tests, or a librarian committed to stocking the most valuable SAT & ACT resources, this list outlines the essential publications for college admissions testing. PRACTICE TESTING The foundation of any SAT & ACT library must be the compendiums of practice material published by the test makers themselves. Your first investments should always be the most recent editions of The Official SAT Study Guide and The Official ACT Prep Guide 2019-2020. Also consider acquiring The Official Study Guide for ALL SAT Subject Tests as a general resource, along with any specific official study guides to specific tests for additional practice. CONTENT REVIEW The official guides…

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Do you have any high school seniors or college freshmen in your life? If so, you probably need a money tree in your backyard and perhaps even a spa day. They, on the other hand, need sage advice about how to make the most of college experience. Luckily for them (sorry, not you), Mike Metzler can help. Mike’s excellent book Carpe College! Seize Your Whole College Experience is free in e-book form from now until Tuesday, 12/2 at midnight CST. Carpe College! is chock full of sage advice on how to plan for and actually achieve the least stressful, most successful transition from high school to college possible. Discover the power behind the Carpe College mantra: Know Thyself. Have a Plan. Assume No One Else Cares. Such wisdom truly has no price but is irresistible when the price is free.