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Remember when ACT, Inc. was perceived as the “smart” testmaker? The ACT started out serving students in the Midwest and certain other American enclaves, but gained even greater prominence in 2005. Back when the College Board released what turned out to be a disastrous SAT revision, all eyes turned to the shrewdly managed test out of Iowa City. Just as that earlier change to the SAT allowed the ACT to overtake its rival as the world’s most popular college admissions test, this most recent SAT revision was supposed to solidify ACT hegemony for the foreseeable future. Too bad ACT keeps screwing up. Gaffe after gaffe signals that the ACT no longer sets the standard for careful stewardship of a public trust. Many of the ACT’s errors have revolved around the Writing Test, the optional essay that actually helped the test gain popularity. The last year, however, has seen ACT stumble…

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