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*** Earn your best scores for the October 23 ACT! *** If you want to start the school year by earning your best score on the ACT, a long-term program can work wonders without disrupting your other academic and extracurricular activities. This special ACT Extended Class is perfect for motivated students looking to learn the powerful strategies and content needed for their best test scores on the October ACT. You’ll get in-depth, interactive lessons on math, grammar, reading, and testing content strategies followed by two full-length proctored practice tests and group test review sessions. Students can choose to attend this 26-hour class at our office or online. Instructional sessions run Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-8pm EST and tests run 10am-2pm EST: September 20, 6-8pm September 22, 6-8pm September 27, 6-8pm September 29, 6-8pm October 4, 6-8pm October 6, 6-8pm October 9, 10am-2pm (practice ACT) October 11, 6-8pm October 13, 6-8pm…

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