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  What’s going down for the college-bound? Not much, unless you work at Starbucks and want to get an online degree… Starbucks Coffee Co. today announces an unusually large tuition reimbursement for employees. It’s in partnership with Arizona State University’s highly ranked online program. Starbucks employees who sign up for ASU’s online courses as freshmen or sophomores will get a partial scholarship plus need-based financial aid; entering juniors and seniors with previous college credits will be able to finish their degrees with the public university for free. (full article) And if you’re thinking of majoring in certain social sciences or humanities programs, just make sure you’re not in it for the money… suggests that you should carefully consider the college degree you take, and factor in the potential return on investment (ROI). Research shows that some degrees are unlikely to lead to a well-paid job. The list ranks salary…

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